EVERYONE blow a kiss across the Atlantic to George Galloway!! 2 short Aug 29th Youtube v-cips re Syria/UK.

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V-Clip #1, George Galloway’s August 29, 2013 emergency session comments re Syria & re Prime Minister David Cameron’s rush to effect regime change in Damascus are below. 

V-Clip #2, a short one, re the 285 v. 272 final UK Parliament’s final Aug. 29th vote tally follows further below.  Next stop: Obama-Kerry & the U.S. Congress.  

Mr. Galloway’s August 29th above comments are viscerally and directly on point for those concerned about the Syria/ Ghouta tragedy and US/UK/(Israel) efforts to manipulate it to effect regime change in Damascus.

Rhetorical Question: Might the Ghouta attacks be a staged provocation to provoke/enable U.S./France/UK Military Industrial complexes to go to war and to preserve their respective budgets as sequesration cuts pick up pace in these countries?  
What’s also remarkable here is that the pretext for bombing Syria’s key military depots is the allegation that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in late August in Damascus’ suburbs concurrent with a UN team’s arrival in Syria to investigate earlier alleged uses of chemical weapons.  

That Syria’s  government (the clearly emerging victor in the Civil War) would knowingly authorize and launch a chemical weapons attack concurrent with a just initiated UN team investigation (on-site & in the country) is preposterous.  Obama/Kerry (nee Skull & Bones) White House are oviously looking for social media intelligence that links the attack directly to Assad or a military official in his inner circle (e.g. his brother), to rule out the possibility of a rogue element of the military acting without Assad’s authorization. Who knows? Someone could have been paid off to facilitate the actual event (despite the timing w/ the UN visit) and the Assad storyline’s emergence. Regime change is the endgame w/ an expanded scope of options for “Greater Israel” and the U.S. military presence/control of the world’s most valuable reserves of Oil. Iran check too. This has nothing to do with Syria’s use of chemical weapons and everything to do w/ the nexus between Iran/Syria and Russia. Checks on Israeli expansion (Greater Israel) options & U.S. regional hegemony.

 (#2) V-Clip below of British Parliament’s 285 vs 272 vote (Aug 29th: British politicians voted against a military strike response in Syria.  Prime Minister David Cameron unexpectedly lost the emergency vote).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ9eW748RSU  

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