American Football, War social engineering & Skull and Bones

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Boola. Boola. USA! USA! Televised sports (esp. American football, a Yale Skull & Bones creation to aid/abet the American war machine) desensitize Americans/Westerners ( increasingly women as well as men) to real violence and indoctrinate passive submission to US military & corporate authority structures.  They are a prime example of social engineering, national states’ indoctrination systes.  Like much of the mainsteam media’s mental bandwidth distractors/sap points,  televized sports offers American consumers yet another charade to pay attention to that’s of no importance. This  keeps them from worrying about things that matter to their lives (politics) that they might have some idea of doing something about. Sports ultimately further irrational behavior, ie norms of passive submission to authority structures (generally white men on a field “coaching”  minorities as they wage war on each other).  Sports (like organized religion) reinforces tribal jingoism and truly is a form of Roman colliseum type social engineering.


American Football’s use — in Amerikkka — as a tool of social engineering and encouraging passive submission by minorities/working class to white authority structures (coaches) extends the growing use of football in Amerikkka to perpetuate a war culture. In particular, violence on the international level. The language of football and the language of war are quite interlinked. In fact, CNNs account of the Gulf War was laden with football analogies. And so too, with the US attack on Afghanistan. Rugby & Connecticut Yankees from King Arthur’s Masonic Court…Sigh. Football — metaphor for Amerikkka’s New Roman Empire/Pax Amerikkkana, courtesy of Skull & Bones and the NWO chaps. Reflecting this morning on NWO and Walter Camp’s founding of the sport (shaping of nmodern “American” style football / warfare simulator), & his membership in Skull & Bones. For those who don’t know, “The ‘Father of American Football’ was Skull and Bones member, Walter Camp, who took the Masonic-Anglo “rugby” and created the American version of the sport to keep the population entertained, help sever the pyrmaid top (Amerikkka) from the football/slave labor & resource circuitry outside and out of the way of the government.” By the age of 33, twelve years after graduating from Yale, Walter Camp had already become known as the “Father of Football”. By 1892, Camp had almost single-handedly fashioned the game of modern American football.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: “Lucifer Through the Cracks” — Pent up anger in New Jerusalem Metropolis

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Morning L.A. Haiku re Mayweather vs. Pacquiao:  “Lucifer Through the Cracks”


Morning L.A. Haiku re Mayweather vs. Pacquiao:  “Lucifer Through the Cracks” —

Pent up anger in Newest Jerusalem Metropolis (heir to London, New York, etc.) coursing through veins w/ deeply instilled Home Team / Good (God) vs. Evil (Devil) notions skilfully engineered.  Meanwhile, Hell’s Angels glued to 1% Brother Obama’s ‘screen’ enabler.

Feelie Fight 2015: new Moloch’s teeth glistening.  W/ Jeb III  / Billary (nee Rockefeller, Rhodes, .01%) watching intently in wings.  Oh. Brave New World! … Click to Zoom In.






CNN Is Beating the Drums of War — Paul Craig Roberts – PaulCraigRoberts.org

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Click here —>CNN Is Beating the Drums of War — Paul Craig Roberts – PaulCraigRoberts.org.

“…While at Johns Hopkins, Blitzer studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he learned Hebrew.



Blitzer has said that he has frequently been asked about his name, which has been characterized as seemingly made-for-TV.   Blitzer explains that his surname goes back for generations, and his first name, ‘Wolf’, is the same first name as his maternal grandfather.

In writing for several Israeli newspapers in Washington, Blitzer has used the names Zev Blitzer and Zev Barak.  Zev (זאב) is theHebrew word for “wolf” and Barak (ברק) is theHebrew word for “lightning” (which in German/Yiddish is Blitz).


Washington and Jerusalem

Blitzer began his career in journalism in the early 1970s in the Tel Aviv bureau of theReuters news agency. In 1973 he caught the eye of Jerusalem Post editor Ari Rath, who hired Blitzer as a Washington correspondent for the English language Israeli newspaper. Blitzer remained with the Jerusalem Postuntil 1990, covering both American politics and developments in the Middle East.

In the mid-1970s, Blitzer also contributed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) as the editor of their monthly publication, the Near East Report….”

Looming issue re “redundancy” of most humans in the not too distant future.

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Looming issue re “redundancy” of most humans in the not too distant future.

Apple co-founder on artificial intelligence: ‘The future is scary and very bad for people’

By Peter Holley March 24  (via internet, public domain)

Steve Wozniak speaks at the Worldwebforum in Zurich on March 10. (Steffen Schmidt/European Pressphoto Agency)


The Super Rich Technologists Making Dire Predictions About Artificial Intelligence club gained another fear-mongering member this week: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Wozniak joined original club members Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk by making his own casually apocalyptic warning about machines superseding the human race.

“Like people including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have predicted, I agree that the future is scary and very bad for people,” Wozniak said. “If we build these devices to take care of everything for us, eventually they’ll think faster than us and they’ll get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently.”
[Bill Gates on dangers of artificial intelligence: ‘I don’t understand why some people are not concerned’]

Doling out paralyzing chunks of fear like gumdrops to sweet-toothed children on Halloween, Woz continued: “Will we be the gods? Will we be the family pets? Or will we be ants that get stepped on? I don’t know about that … But when I got that thinking in my head about if I’m going to be treated in the future as a pet to these smart machines … well I’m going to treat my own pet dog really nice.”

Seriously? Should we even get up tomorrow morning, or just order pizza, log onto Netflix and wait until we find ourselves looking through the bars of a dog crate? Help me out here, man!

Wozniak’s warning seemed to follow the exact same story arc as Season 1 Episode 2 of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty Show.” Not accusing him of apocalyptic plagiarism or anything; just noting.
For what it’s worth, Wozniak did outline a scenario by which super-machines will be stopped in their human-enslaving tracks. Citing Moore’s Law — “the pattern whereby computer processing speeds double every two years” — Wozniak pointed out that at some point, the size of silicon transistors, which allow processing speeds to increase as they reduce size, will eventually reach the size of an atom, according to the Financial Review.

“Any smaller than that, and scientists will need to figure out how to manipulate subatomic particles — a field commonly referred to as quantum computing — which has not yet been cracked,” Quartz notes.

Wozniak’s predictions represent a bit of a turnaround, the Financial Review pointed out. While he previously rejected the predictions of futurists such as the pill-popping Ray Kurzweil, who argued that super machines will outpace human intelligence within several decades, Wozniak told the Financial Review that he came around after he realized the prognostication was coming true.

“Computers are going to take over from humans, no question,” Wozniak said, nearly prompting me to tender my resignation and start watching this cute puppies compilation video until forever.

“I hope it does come, and we should pursue it because it is about scientific exploring,” he added. “But in the end we just may have created the species that is above us.”

In January, during a Reddit AMA, Gates wrote: “I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence.” His comment came a month after Hawking said artificial intelligence “could spell the end of the human race.”

British inventor Clive Sinclair has also said he thinks artificial intelligence will doom humankind. “Once you start to make machines that are rivaling and surpassing humans with intelligence, it’s going to be very difficult for us to survive,” he told the BBC. “It’s just an inevitability.”

Musk was among the earliest members of this club. Speaking at the MIT aeronautics and astronautics department’s Centennial Symposium in October, the Tesla founder said: “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it’s like, yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.”


Stephen Hawking just got an artificial intelligence upgrade, but still thinks AI could bring an end to humankind:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2014/12/02/stephen-hawking-just-got-an-artificial-intelligence-upgrade-but-still-thinks-it-could-bring-an-end-to-mankind/

Netanyahu/Likud: Stunning reversal & election victory (3/18/15)

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  LATEST –> 

Very good op-ed piece by Time’s Joe Klein re racism & prevalent “superior” race attitudes Screenshots_2015-03-19-07-52-44in Israel:


See also : http://m.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2015/0318/Netanyahu-scores-stunning-victory-but-at-what-cost


*See also re the campaign endgame: http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel-election-2015/.premium-1.647580


How did Netanyahu score such a decisive election victory?

The prime minister who was on course for an ignominious defeat is now being sent back to the Knesset with an even bigger majority – thanks to a brilliant end-game and his rivals’ flawed campaigns.

By | Mar. 18, 2015 | 1:14 PM

For anyone who did not sleep last night, but spent the wee hours watching as television exit polls began slowly to give way to the actual results coming from the Central Election Commission, there was a surreal moment, sometime between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock, when the floor seemed to give way under your feet.

In some ways it was very reminiscent of the same hour 19 years ago, when we realized that those who had gone to sleep with Prime Minister Shimon Peres were about to wake up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Only then, the shift was by a fraction of a decimal point. Last night, huge chunks of votes moved from column to column, as the dead heat between Likud and the Zionist Union – as surprising and near-unimaginable it had been earlier in the evening – was developing into a rout of almost landslide dimensions.

So what just happened? How has Netanyahu pulled off the greatest upset of his all-too upsetting political career?

No one in his immediate circle – and certainly none of the senior Likud figures who on Tuesday were planning their moves in a post-Bibi era – expected anything near this result. The most that any of them had dared to hope for was a closing of the gap which had opened the previous week between Zionist Union and Likud. Or had it? Which of the polls (if any) that we were inundated over the last few months can we believe now?

Let’s try and recap this rollercoaster of events and put them into some kind of perspective.

The polls weren’t wrong

Everyone is talking today of “the Yom Kippur of the pollsters.” That’s true of the exit polls of the main television channels, all of which ruled that Likud and Zionist Union were in a dead heat, totally missing the six-seat lead Likud had actually won.

But the polls published last week, before the polling blackout began, which showed Likud trailing by an average of four seats, were pretty accurate. They were spot on when it came to the size of the Zionist Union and of the main blocs. Likud’s perceived weakness was probably also a clear snapshot of Netanyahu’s lack of popularity. He won this election by convincing over 200,000 voters who were planning to vote for Habayit Hayehudi, Shas, Kulanu and Yahad to change their minds in the last six days of the campaign. Last week’s polls were carried out before this shift took place.

Netanyahu ran a terrible campaign

The prime minister snatched victory at the very last moment, but for the first hundred days of the campaign, his strategy was all wrong. It was a carbon-copy of his winning campaign from the 2013 election, when one of his slogans was, “When Netanyahu talks the world listens.” It was designed to portray the prime minister as an international statesman among provincial hacks. He wouldn’t engage with the local media and won the election from within a sterile bubble.

In 2015 he thought the same tactics would work and his speech to Congress two weeks ago was the keystone. But the narrative had moved on. Long-term trends set in motion by the 2011 social protests had finally put social issues at the center of the election agenda and Netanyahu was worse than absent from that discourse; he was its bogeyman.

He compounded his mistake last month, when, in response to the damaging state comptroller’s report on the housing crisis, he tried to talk about the Iranian threat instead – insulting many financially underprivileged Likud voters who have little hope of ever owning their own apartment. Even diehard Likudniks found it hard to remain loyal to a leader who was so obviously detached from their daily concerns. Last week’s polls served as the necessary shock and Netanyahu made a timely call, jettisoning the faulty strategy and going into emergency mode, giving interviews to (nearly) every outlet and scaring right-wingers out of their wits.

Herzog’s missing campaign

Isaac Herzog was fighting an uphill battle from the moment he became Labor Party leader in November 2013. This election came too early for him. He still needed to work on establishing himself as a national figure, on changing the political narrative and attacking Netanyahu’s record. He did quite well on all these counts, given that he only had four months between the Knesset being dissolved and Election Day. He overcame his lack of natural charisma, doggedly stuck to a socioeconomic agenda that voters related to and his criticism of Netanyahu was effective.

Two dozen seats is Labor’s best result since 1999, but it wasn’t enough. The votes he lacked were there for the taking in a neighboring party: Yesh Atid. The missing piece of his campaign strategy was an aggressive and focused appeal to Yesh Atid voters, highlighting Yair Lapid’s total failure as finance minister in Netanyahu’s government. There was an effort to do so but it was woefully late and very low-key.

I asked Herzog on Election Day why he wasn’t pursuing these voters harder and he answered “we are doing it an organized and responsible way.” If he had done so in the shameless and blatant way Netanyahu went after Habayit Hayehudi voters, the outcome may have been very different.

The disintegration of the left

One of the things Herzog tried to do was detoxify the struggling Labor Party by adding Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah and renaming the list Zionist Union. This had only limited success. I met many voters who said they still couldn’t bring themselves to vote Labor, despite their anger at Netanyahu. But Herzog’s failure is eclipsed by the near-disintegration of its left-wing ally Meretz, the leaders of which were reduced to begging voters not to forsake them and consign them to political oblivion. Meretz has succeeded in scraping over the threshold, while losing a seat or two. But the continued inability of a party that in 1992 won 12 seats and contributed massively to Yitzhak Rabin’s victory to come anywhere near that achievement has gone on for too long. Meretz has failed miserably at breaking into new constituencies and has to shoulder its portion of the blame for the rightward shift of the Israeli public.

Its values may be beyond reproach, but it may be beyond redemption. The only hope for the Zionist left is in a populist movement that can sweep away the hidebound party structures and truly engage with the Israeli working class. That’s a tall order and Meretz obviously cannot deliver.

Overhype of the Joint List

Every election has to have its sexy story. This time it was undoubtedly the Joint List, which attracted entire cohorts of journalists, Israeli and international. The attention was warranted, as a potential political awakening among Israel’s largest minority is a major development. But the hype blew it out of proportion.

The Joint List is not a new party but a technical alliance, ensuring that the small Israeli-Arab parties cross the electoral threshold. No one, not least the parties themselves, are certain that these radically different groups – Communists, Arab Nationalists and Islamists – will remain unified in the new Knesset.

There was never any question of them joining a coalition and the talk of them “agreeing” to be part of the bloc which could potentially thwart a Netanyahu-led majority was ridiculous – as if there was any prospect of them ever supporting Bibi. The list succeeded in boosting turnout and winning three additional seats to their joint tally from 2013, but they didn’t change the overall electoral picture in any significant way. The potential in the Joint List is a new and very necessary dialog between the Arab minority and the rest of Israeli society, but it has a very limited immediate political effect. The exaggerated hype helped Netanyahu and his allies to incite against them. It would be much more useful to see the Joint List for what it is and build on that.

The prime minister’s inexcusable foul

If there was any doubt of the need for a meaningful dialog with Israel’s Arab minority, Netanyahu’s racist call to right-wingers on Election Day to go and vote because “droves of Arabs” were descending on the polling booths, dispelled it. The prime minister tried to backpedal, explaining that “there’s nothing wrong with people voting” but foreign interests were “funneling millions” to influence the outcome. In his victory speech he promised to work “for all citizens of Israel, Jews and non-Jews.” Too late. He knew exactly what he was doing when he sent out that message and why.

Some pundits criticized Netanyahu for his “foul,” as if it was a sporting offense, but insisted that he isn’t racist. It’s immaterial what Netanyahu actually believes. What matters is how he acts. He may not have a racist bone in his body, but he cynically used a racist ploy and went on to win handily a few hours later. That is what we must remember from this dismal election.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 11th-hour campaign decision to swerve deep into right-wing territory – reversing his support for a Palestinian state and urging supporters to counter “droves” of Arab voters – has paid off in a stunning victory.

His Likud party, trailing its leftist opponents in the final polls, not only closed the gap but surged to a six-seat victory over the Zionist Camp’s 24 seats in national elections Tuesday, according to a near-complete tally Wednesday morning.

The clear margin will almost certainly give Mr. Netanyahu a fourth term as prime minister. And while President Reuven Rivlin called Tuesday night for the two top parties to form a national unity government, both rejected the idea…”



“… The Central Elections Committee said Mr. Netanyahu’s Likud won 23.29% of the vote in the partial count. Isaac Herzog, the leftist leader of the Zionist Union alliance was second with 18.78%. The committee didn’t project how many seats each party would win, but that proportion could give Mr. Netanyahu an edge of about five seats…”



$83 Trillion & Necessary Illusions

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Iraq & ISIS — March 12th article via GR

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***  http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-isis-us-empire-their-unholy-alliance-fully-exposed/5436019. ***

See also:




The ISIS-US Empire – Their Unholy Alliance Fully Exposed


By Joachim Hagopian

Global Research, March 12, 2015

Url of this article:

***  http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-isis-us-empire-their-unholy-alliance-fully-exposed/5436019. ***


Let’s be perfectly clear. The United States is not actually at war with ISIS. As Global Research director, economist and author Michel Chossudovsky plainly points out recently, Obama is simply waging “a fake war” against the Islamic State forces, putting on another propaganda show for mainstream media to keep his flock of American sheeple asleep in echo-chambered darkness. With a mere cursory review of recent historical events, one can readily realize that virtually everything Big Government tells us is happening in the world, you can bet is a boldface lie.



For over three and a half decades the US has been funding mostly Saudi stooges to do its dirty bidding in proxy wars around the world, beginning in Afghanistan in the 1980’s to fight the Soviets with the mujahedeen-turned al Qaeda that later would mutate into ISIS. Reagan and Bush senior gave Osama bin Laden his first terrorist gig. Our mercenary “Islamic extremists” for-hire were then on the CIA payroll employed in the Balkans during the 1990’s to kill fellow Moslem Serbs in Kosovo and Bosnia. For a long time now Washington’s been relying on the royal Saudi family as its chief headhunters supplying the United States with as needed terrorists on demand in order to wage its geopolitics chessboard game of global hegemony, otherwise known by the central banking cabal as global “Theft-R-Us.”



The Bush crime family were in bed with the bin Ladens long before 9/11 when that very morning George H W Bush on behalf of his Carlyle Group was wining and dining together with Osama’s brother at the posh DC Ritz Carlton while 19 box cutting Saudi stooges were acting as the neocon’s hired guns allegedly committing the greatest atrocity ever perpetrated on US soil in the history of this nation. And in the 9/11 immediate aftermath while only birds were flying the not-so-friendly skies above America, there was but one exception and that was the Air Force escort given the bin Ladens flying safely back home to their “Terrorists-R-Us” mecca called Saudi Arabia. On 9/11 the Zionist Israeli Mossad, Saudi intelligence and the Bush-Cheney neocons were busily pulling the trigger murdering near 3000 Americans in cold blood as the most deadly, most heinous crime in US history. If you’re awake enough to recognize this ugly truth as cold hard fact, then it’s certainly not a stretch to see the truth behind this latest US created hoax called ISIS.



Renowned investigative journalist and author Seymour Hersh astutely saw the writing on the wall way back in 2006 (emphasis added):

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.



The US Empire along with its international partner-in-crime Israel has allowed and encouraged Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to be the primary financiers of al Qaeda turned ISIS. Even Vice President Joe Biden last year said the same. If Empire wanted to truly destroy the entire Islamic extremist movement in the Middle East it could have applied its global superpower pressure on its allied Gulf State nations to stop funding the ISIS jihadists. But that has never happened for the simple reason that Israel, those same Arab allies and the United States want a convenient “bad guy” enemy in the Middle East and North Africa, hiding the fact that al Qaeda-ISIS for decades has been its mercenary ally on the ground in more recent years in the Golan Heights, Libya, Iraq and Syria.



As recently as a month ago it was reported that an Islamic State operative claimed that funding for ISIS had been funneled through the US. Of course another “staunch” US-NATO ally Turkey has historically allowed its territory to be a safe staging ground as well as a training area for ISIS. It additionally allows jihadist leaders to move freely in and out of Syria through Turkey. Along with Israel and all of US Empire’s Moslem nation states as our strategic friends in the Middle East, together they have been arming, financing and training al Qaeda/ISIS to do its double bidding, fighting enemies like Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria while also posing as global terrorist boogie men threatening the security of the entire world. Again, Washington cannot continue to double speak its lies from both sides of its mouth and then expect to continue having it both ways and expect the world to still be buying it.

A breaking story that’s creating an even larger crack in the wall of the US false narrative is the revelation that Iraqi counterterrorism forces just arrested four US-Israeli military advisors assisting (i.e., aiding and abetting) the ISIS enemy, three of whom hold duel citizenships from both Israel and America. This latest piece of evidence arrives on the heels of a Sputnik article from a couple weeks ago quoting American historian Webster Tarpley saying that “the United States created the Islamic State and uses jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.” The historian also supported claims that the ISIS has in large part been financed by the Saudi royal family.


Interviewed on Press TV the critic of US foreign policy asked why NATO ally Turkey bordering both Iraq and Syria where the Islamic State jihadists continue to terrorize, why can’t Turkey simply use its larger, vastly superior army to go in and defeat the much smaller ISIS, especially if the US and NATO were serious about destroying their alleged enemy. Again, if ISIS is the enemy, why did the US recently launch an air strike on Assad’s forces that were in process of defeating ISIS? The reason is all too obvious, the bombing was meant to afflict damage to stop Assad’s forces from beating back ISIS that the US is clearly protecting.

Finally, Tarpley reaffirmed what many others have been saying that chicken hawk Senator John McCain is actual buddies with ISIS kingpin Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Of course photos abound of his frequent “secret” meetings with ISIS leadership illegally conducted inside Syria. This confirmed fact provides yet one more obvious link between the high powered criminal operative posing as US senator and the so called enemy of the “free world” ISIS.



Recall that iconic photo from June last year of American supplied trucks traveling unimpeded in the ISIS convoy kicking up dust in the Iraqi desert fresh from the Syrian battlefields heading south towards Baghdad. It was no accident that they were equipped with an enormous fleet of brand new Toyota trucks and armed with rockets, artillery and Stinger missiles all furnished by US Empire. Nor was it an accident that the Iraqi Army simply did an about face and ran, with orders undoubtedly coming from somewhere high above in the American Empire. The Islamic State forces were allowed to seize possession of 2500 armored troop carriers, over 1000 Humvees and several dozen US battlefield tanks all paid for by US tax dollars. This entire spectacle was permitted as ISIS without any resistance then took control of Mosul the second largest city in Iraq including a half billion dollars robbing a bank.


Throughout this process, it was definitely no accident that the United States allowed the Islamic State forces to invade Iraq as with advanced US airpower it could have within a couple hours easily carpet bombed and totally eliminated ISIS since the Islamic State possessed no anti-aircraft weapons. And even now with the hi-tech wizardry of satellites, lasers, nanotechnology and advanced cyber-warfare, the US and allied intelligence has the means of accurately locating and with far superior firepower totally eradicating ISIS if the will to do so actually existed. But the fact is there is no desire to kill the phantom enemy when in fact it’s the friend of the traitors in charge of the US government who drive the Empire’s global war policy.













Washington’s objective last year was to purposely unleash on already ravaged Iraq the latest US-made, al Qaeda morphed into the Islamic monster-on-steroids to further destabilize the Middle East, seek a regime change to replace the weak, corrupt, Sunni persecuting Maliki government in Baghdad and ‘balkanize” Iraq into three separate, powerless, divisive sections in similar vein of how the West tore apart and dissected Yugoslavia into thirteen ineffectual pieces. The globalist pattern of bank cabal loans drowning nations into quicksand debt and transnationals and US Empire posts predatorily moving in as permanent fixtures always replace what was previously a far better off sovereign nation wherever King Midas-in-reverse targets to spreads its Empire disease of failed-state cancer. After Yugoslavia came Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine. It goes on and on all over the globe. The all too familiar divide and conquer strategy never fails as the US Empire/NWO agenda. But the biggest reason ISIS was permitted to enter and begin wreaking havoc in Iraq last June was for the Empire to re-establish its permanent military bases in the country that Maliki had refused Washington after its December 2011 pullout.



With 2300 current US troops (and rising up to 3000 per Obama’s authorization) once again deployed back on the ground in Iraq acting as so called advisors, Iraq is now the centerpiece of US military presence in the Middle East region. Before a doubting House Armed Services Committee last Tuesday, CENTCOM Commander General Lloyd Austin defended Obama’s policyinsisting that ISIS can be defeated without use of heavy ground forces, feebly claiming that they’re on the run because his commander-in-chief’s air strike campaign is actually working. How many times before have we heard generals’ glowing reports to Congress turn out to be lies?

As far as PR goes, it appears the lies and propaganda are once again working. With help from the steady stream of another beheading-of-the week posted like clockwork on Youtube for all the world to shockingly see, not unlike when traffic slows down to look for bloodied car victims mangled on the highway. Apparently this thinly veiled strategy is proving successful again on the worked over, dumbed down, short attention-spanned American population. According to a poll released just a few days ago, 62% of Americans want more GI boots on the ground in Iraq to fight the latest made-by-America enemy for Iraq War III. Incredibly only 39% believe that more troops on the ground would risk another long, protracted war. Again, short attention spans are doomed to keep repeating history as in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.




This polling propaganda disinformation ploy fits perfectly with prior statements made a few months ago by America’s top commander General Martin Dempsey that the US military presence in both Iraq and Syria must be a long term commitment as the necessary American sacrifice required to effectively take out ISIS. With US leaders laying the PR groundwork for more Empire occupations worldwide, of course it’s no accident that it conveniently fits in with the Empire’s agenda to wage its war of terror on a forever basis. Efforts by Washington to “prep” Americans for these “inevitable,” open-ended wars around the globe are designed to condition them into passive acceptance of lower intensity, “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” conflicts specifically to minimize and silence citizens from ever actively opposing yet more human slaughter caused by more US state sponsored terrorism in the form of unending imperialistic wars.

Every one of these “current events” have been carefully planned, coordinated, timed and staged for mass public consumption, none more so than those beheadings of US and British journalists, aid workers and Middle Eastern Christians along with the desecration of ancient Iraqi history with dozens of destroyed museums, churches and shrines. Obama and the Empire want us all to be thoroughly horrified and disgusted so we fear and hate the latest designated Islamic enemy. Hating your enemy to the point of viewing them as the lowest of the lowest, sub-human animal is an old psyops brainwashing trick successfully employed in every single war from the dawn of violent man. It effectively dehumanizes the enemy while desensitizing the killing soldier. For over a year now we’ve seen this same MSM game being relentlessly waged to falsely demonize Putin. The sinister, warped minds of the divide and conquer strategists from the ruling class elite don’t mind the resultant hating of Moslems around the world either. That’s all by diabolical design too.

If only six organizations control the entire planet’s mass media outlet that feeds the masses their daily lies like their daily bread, another winning bet would be that in a heartbeat they could also effectively shut down the internet pipeline that showcases ISIS horror show theatrics on the global stage. But by design, they are willingly, cunningly disseminated for worldwide mass consumption.




In fact the only consistent group that’s even been able to militarily hold their own and actually challenge ISIS, the Kurds, are watching UK ship heavy arms to the same losing team the Iraqi army that ran away from defending Mosul. The last time the West gave them weapons and supplies, they handed them right over to ISIS.



In a recent Guardian article, a Kurdish captain said that the Kurds offered to even buy the second hand weapons from the British used in Afghanistan. But because the West is afraid the heavy arms might empower Kurdish nationalism into demanding their own sovereign nation for the first time in history, the US wants to ensure that Iraq stays as one nation after implanting its latest Baghdad puppet regime. The fiercely independent Kurds are feared if they were granted autonomy that they might refuse to allow their homeland to be raped and plundered by the US unlike the corrupt current Iraqi government. The Kurdish fighters could sorely use the bigger guns as they plan to launch an offensive in April or May to take back Mosul from ISIS. But when permitting an ancient ethnic group its proper due by granting political autonomy risks interfering with the Empire’s rabid exploitation of another oil-rich nation, all bets are off in doing the right thing.



The mounting evidence is stacking up daily to unequivocally prove beyond any question of a doubt that ISIS is in fact a US mercenary ally and not the treasonous feds’ enemy at all. From mid-August 2014 to mid-January 2015 using the most sophisticated fighter jets known to man, the US Air Force and its 19 coalition allies have flown more than 16,000 air strikes over Iraq and Syria ostensibly to “root out” ISIS once and for all. Yet all this Empire aggression has nothing to show for its wasted phony efforts as far as inflicting any real damage on the so called ISIS enemy. Labeled a “soft counterterrorism operation,” a prominent Council on Foreign Relations member recently characterized Obama’s scheme as too weak and ineffectual, and like a true CFR chicken hawk, he strongly advocates more bombs, more advisers and special operations forces deployed on the ground.



But the records show that all those air strikes are purposely not hitting ISIS forces because they are not the actual target. Many air strike missions from both the US Air Force as well as Israeli jets have been designed to destroy extensive infrastructure inside Syria that hurts the Syrian people, causing many innocent civilian casualties, while not harming ISIS at all. This in turn ensures more ISIS recruits for America’s forever war on terror. Repeatedly oil refineries, pipelines and grain storage silos have also been prime targets damaged and destroyed by the West. Because in 2013 Obama’s false flag claim that Assad’s army was responsible for the chemical weapons attack was thwarted by strong worldwide opposition and Putin’s success brokering the deal that had Assad turning over his chemical weapons, a mere year later ISIS conveniently provided Obama’s deceitful excuse to move forward with his air offensive on Syria after all.



Finally, on numerous occasions the US was caught red-handed flying arms and supply drops to the Islamic jihadists on the ground. According to Iraqi intelligence sources, US planes have engaged regularly in air drops of food and weapons to ISIS. These sighting began to be observed after one load was “accidentally” dropped last October into so called enemy hands supposedly meant to go to the Kurdish fighters. Realizing the US has betrayed them, as of late Iraqi security forces have been shooting down US and British aircraft engaged in providing supplies and arms to their ISIS enemy. This is perhaps the most incriminating evidence yet in exposing the truth that ISIS is being supported, supplied and protected by the US Empire more than even the Iraqi government forces the US claims to be assisting in this phony war against the militant Islamic jihadists.

Clearly the unfolding daily events and developments in both Iraq and Syria overwhelmingly indict the United States as even more of “the bad guy” than the supposed ISIS terrorists. Recently the US was caught financing ISIS and has all along supported Arab allies that knowingly fund Islamic extremism. During the six months since Obama vowed to go after them and “root them out,” countless times the US and allies have maintained the so called enemy’s supply line with regularly scheduled air drops. Meanwhile, in both Syria and Iraq after a half year of alleged bombing, ISIS forces are reported to be stronger than ever. The air strikes have not been hitting jihadist targets because the American and coalition forces’ actual targets in Syria have been vital infrastructure and civilians that are clearly attacks on Assad. All of this irrefutable evidence piling up is backfiring on the American Empire. The world is now learning just how devious, diabolical and desperate the warmongering, pro-Zionist powerbrokers who are the war criminals controlling the US rogue government really are. Their evil lies are unraveling their demonic agenda as the truth cannot be stopped.



Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/.

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Amerikkka: Uneducated/Perpetually Distracted & Entertained Enabling Military Tool & Platform for global 1%

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…Amerikkka has become a panoptic surveillance & police state / a military platform for the world’s plutocrats and corrupt proxy sites. America does not really exist anymore. We have to figure out a way to connect the silents lambs being slaughtered for global 1‰ consumption. … How do you effect truly revolutionary change when Americans, by and large, remain f@cking clueless about the Empire (Exxon-Mobil/Goldman Sachs/Chase/Apple (Oppenheimer) successor to the UK and British East India Tea Co.) and the horrors it is inflicting around the world…?

See: http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats

& http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Skull_Bones.htm


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King George III

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Time’s two co-founders included (Britton & Luce, Henry Luce, founder and publisher of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated magazines), among prominent alumni are former President and Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft (a founder’s son); former Presidents George H. W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush; Supreme Court Justices Morrison R. Waite and Potter Stewart;James Jesus Angleton, “mother of the Central Intelligence Agency”; Henry Stimson, U.S. Secretary of War (1940-1945); U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert A. Lovett, who directed the Korean War.


John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator; Stephen A. Schwarzman, founder of Blackstone Group; Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers; Harold Stanley, co-founder of Morgan Stanley; and Frederick W. Smith, founder of FedEx, are all members.


..gotta luv Skull and Bones (not) and the Bush family’s long term planning (Florida,  Texas, Paraguay — land buys over the largest fresh water aquifers in Latin America).  Election? Democracy / Republic?  2016 — Clinton vs. Bush?  Post Iraq/Afghanistan?  Post Occupy? Post greater meltdown than ’29 with 3 separate  money printings that gave tripled the US’s M1 money supply real numbers.   … Hillary worth over $100 million.  Daughter married to Marc Rich’s close friend (in federal prison for 5 years for bribing federal officials on behalf of Clinton pardoned Rich), former Goldman Sachs partner and current NY / Connecticut hedge fund owner/trader. $3 MILLION Wedding and $10.5 million NY condo for Chelsea ($600,000 former salary with GE/MSNBC for a few puff pieces on MSNBC) and her Pro-Israel/Zionist Wall Street embodiment husband,  Mark Mezvinsky.


Related notes re pyramid top’s disconnect from Base Pyramid’s Metric system & World ‘Football’ : Boola. Boola. USA! USA! Football’s use — in Amerikkka — as a tool of social engineering and encouraging passive submission by minorities/working class to white authority structures (coaches) extends the growing use of football in Amerikkka to perpetuate a war culture. In particular, violence on the international level. The language of football and the language of war are quite interlinked. In fact, CNNs account of the Gulf War was laden with football analogies. And so too, with the US attack on Afghanistan. Rugby & Connecticut Yankees from King Arthur’s Masonic Court…Sigh. Football — metaphor for Amerikkka’s New Roman Empire/Pax Amerikkkana, courtesy of Skull & Bones and the NWO chaps. Reflecting this morning on NWO and Walter Camp’s founding of the sport (shaping of nmodern “American” style football / warfare simulator), & his membership in Skull & Bones. For those who don’t know, “The ‘Father of American Football’ was Skull and Bones member, Walter Camp, who took the Masonic-Anglo “rugby” and created the American version of the sport to keep the population entertained, help sever the pyrmaid top (Amerikkka) from the football/slave labor & resource circuitry outside and out of the way of the government. By the age of 33, twelve years after graduating from Yale, Walter Camp had already become known as the “Father of Football”. By 1892, Camp had almost single-handedly fashioned the game of modern American football.2015-03-07-05-59-08 PLT_worldSyria_RumsfeldUSIsraelFlagBrickInWall